Contests Information

How to Participate in the Contest?

To participate in the contest, users must register their name, phone, email ID, Facebook profile and home (permanent/ temporary) address with Tagline TShirts.

Why We Need?

Phone: Participants must mention their phone numbers so that they get notified about the happenings of the contest.

Email Address: As you register yourself for the contest, you will be notified with a Welcome Note, which will also carry your UHC (Unique Hash Code) for the contest. This differentiates each entry.

Facebook Profile: We keep a track of post through your FB profile.

Home Address: Winners will be rewarded with gift vouchers, which will be sent on their mentioned home address.

Click here or for registration!

Step 1:

You are on the registration page. Please fill out the blank areas with necessary information as instructed, and then press the SUBMIT button. Click here or for registration!

Step 2:

Now check your email and get a unique code with hashtag. Every time you register, you will get a unique code (yes, each time). This unique code separates you or your posts from others.

Step 3:

This unique code must be used along with your post (it may contain texts, images or some creative taglines) on the Facebook page. Click Here :-

Your entry will undergo a verification process. It may take a couple of days. If your post qualifies the contest standard, we will publish publicly. If it does not get published, it means your post violated our terms and rules.

Winner Declaration:

The winner of the ongoing contest will be declared based on the LIKES and SHARES that your FACEBOOK post receives.

1 Like = 10 Points
1 Share = 20 Points

Note: Since a post can be shared multiple times, we have restricted the POINTS for SHARE to a certain amount.

If a particular post gets shared by a particular visitor or user only once, the post will get 20 points.

If a particular post gets shared by a particular visitor or user many times, the post will still get 20 points.

The count will be like this.